Welcome, Neighbor!

Looking to learn a little more about Triad Goodwill at Your Door? Look no further!

What is Triad Goodwill at Your Door?

Started in 2010, this program works directly with neighborhood homeowners associations to reach out to residents and provide individual donation bins.  Residents who sign-up to participate in the program, recieve a bin to keep at their home.  Once a month, on a designated day, residents are to leave their bin at their front door where our Goodwill Transportation department will collect donations and leave a receipt for the homeowner.  Through this program, we have been able to generate thousands of pounds of donations, save residents a trip to a nearby Goodwill donation site, reduce landfill consumption and provide tax deductions for donors.

How do my donations benefit the local community?

Goodwill uses nearly 90 cents of every dollar of revenue from our stores to provide job training services at our Career Resource Centers in Greensboro, Reidsville and Asheboro.  Residents who donate through the Triad Goodwill at Your Door program actually help local residents get job training services.  Your unwanted items help your neighbors get jobs!

How can my neighborhood participate?

The Triad Goodwill at Your Door program is easy to implement, but does require initial participation of at least 40 households.  A representative of Goodwill can meet with homeowners association members or an active group of individuals who want to start the program in their neighborhood.  The program is free to a neighborhood to utilize and bins are provided to only those individuals who sign-up to participate.  We do not blanket a neighborhood with bins, but instead actively engage participation from individuals.

Get Started!

Contact Triad Goodwill at 336-275-9801 or click here to email us to set-up an appointment for a representative to meet with your homeowners association or group of interested residents.